This is an animated collection of 3D letters inspired by the Diverse 3D Type philosophy, created to represent our humanity and illustrated with modular geometric shapes and decorated with dots of various colors representing our diversity. 

Different approaches and points of view in various animations are the key to understand what we need in this chaotic and selfish society we live in.

Various plastic letters inflate and deflate, stretching until they fall to the ground. It is an optimism for human society, everything plastic must fall.

This project is in NFTs on my makersplace page and it is currently in a virtual exhibition at THE HOLY ART GALLERY. If you want to support me and you really like some of the pieces, you can buy them at the following links:
I don't usually do this for commercial projects, most of my 3D content is for the love of art, if you like it and want me to think and develop something for your brand with my style write me and I will help you delighted. 

While that happens I keep creating because my mind is infinite.

Special thanks to the incredible sound design talents of:

Thanks for watching!