Nane ArtWork: Stay together


Being nice is staying together, is the main concept of these 3D animated letters, which represent calm and harmony in the first stage and a situation of total stress in the second one. That's life, we need to be together, this is nice. Together with your values, together with the things that you like to do, together with your favorite human beings, it's the only way to keep yourself whole.

All type and textures was created from scratch. Using geometries modules on grip to develop main shapes for each letters, following the same process in my Visual Literacy exploration project. Therefore all shaders are the same exploration as well, colors and texture plays to generated different nice satisfaier look.

Motion & art direction: Erich Gordon 
SoundDesign: John Schuller
Special thanks.
John Schuller


If you like it and want me to think and develop something for your brand with my style write me and I will help you delighted. 

Thanks for watching!